KalMa Villas

KalMa Villas, are located in the heart of Chalkidiki just 1km far from Nea Moydania. It’s built on a private hill with panoramic view, so close to the sea you can literally throw a fishing line from your own private yard to the water.
The Villas provide all the comforts you might need, so take your time admiring the sea view and catch the breeze!


The Villas are design to make your accommodation pleasant and comfortable. Kitchen is fully equiped and ready to cover all your needs and the demands. There is coffe mashine, oven, refrigerator, boiler and more.

In the living room you will find plenty space and an amazing view and also a led satelite TV. Air condition is available in every room and free WiFi is reachable everywhere!

Room services are included as well as free parking. All comforts provided are free and there is no extra or hidden charges.

Website: kalmavillas.gr

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